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What others say about me.

"Justin is an achiever. He sees the roots of problems and sets about solving those. Many people trim the branches and put band-aids on things for someone else to solve later, not Justin. He has a brilliant mind and provides a strategic perspective that is beyond most people\\\\'s capabilities. I have zero hesitations recommending Justin. He is a fantastic employee who makes his manager\\\\'s job easier. Any manager will tell you that they love employees that they don\\\\'t have to worry about and that make their lives easier. This is Justin. He will take the initiative to get things done that need to get done." - Dave W.

"Justin makes things happen. As a member of the SMB team at Qualtrics, Justin consistently went above and beyond for clients. He worked to improve operational efficiencies in his spare time because it was the right thing to do. Furthermore, he was regarded as a role model by his peers." - Donnie B.

"Justin was a great contributor to our team and was consistently one of our top performers. I remember frequently passing him projects that required both out-of-the-box thinking and attention to detail. With every project he was assigned, he consistently exceeded my expectations. I would be happy to work with Justin again." - Micah S.

"If I were to ever go back into the private equity, Justin would be one of the first people that I would contact. This is a man who knows what it means to manage and what it means to lead. It is one thing to find a very competent graduate in supply chain analysis, but when that person is also known for honesty and integrity in all that they do – they will bring honor to any organization associated with their name. I know that will be the case with your organization if you choose to hire Justin Jared Moss." - Jason E.

"Justin possesses an exceptional business acumen while being able to articulate his insights persuasively to such a diverse team. He exemplifies true leadership, dedication, and integrity and will undoubtedly bring success to any organization he is a part of." - Samantha S.

"Justin Moss is one of the most capable students I have taught. Over the past several years I have directly observed his academic excellence, effective leadership, and project management skills. I have watched Justin excel in several key leadership roles which required extensive coordination and communication with a teams of over 30 people. His project teams trust his ability to contribute and lead. Justin is one of a few students that I can trust to proactively complete assignments and tasks with minimal supervision. He is the type of individual I seek to hire in my own organizations. Justin would be a great addition to any team with his dedication and commitment to excellence, to his teams and his tenacity to find a way to get things done." - Kevin C.

"A few words to describe Justin Moss would be, intelligent, quick, direct & firm, but gentle, extremely hard worker that does not make excuses, but focuses on outcomes. Justin knows processes, project management, and can quickly make efficient processes even more efficient. He is an outside of the box thinker and makes things happen and happen well. Justin is easy to be around. Justin is a team player and clearly understands the cost of time, inefficiencies and doing the right thing the first time. He will add serious value to any organization that he joins. He is a dedicated person to his family and thus he knows how to be dedicated to any organization he works with. Just know with Justin Moss, you get what you see with him. There is nothing hidden, but all the wonderfulness shines on the very surface with him." - P. Rodgers


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Justin J. Moss

E: justinjaredmoss [at]
P:  (801) 477-4440

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